Electro-Harmonix POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Reviews 2

Electro-Harmonix POG Polyphonic Octave Generator

This pedal is unlike anything I've tried before. I've used octave pedals but none of them have the flexibility and range of this one. I think that it's a pretty reasonably priced pedal, but as always, try to get it used. It sounds great and clear, it can do a lot of things. I would highly recommend it to anybody.? [read more on Audiofanzine]

mooseherman rated this unit -1 on 2009-06-08.

I've been using the POG for about two years and it is yet another innovative pedal from Electro-Harmonix. It transforms my guitar sound into something that I could not achieve without it. I can't compare it to any other pedal, as I'm not sure that any other company has made anything like this pedal. Electro-Harmonix does have a micro POG that is... [read more on Audiofanzine]

moosers rated this unit 5 on 2009-02-04.

Sonically this pedal was exactly what I thought it would be -- something to transform my guitar into almost another different instrument. But I have major doubts about the build quality, durability, and ergonomic design of the pedal. I definitely think Electro-Harmonix could revamp its approach towards construction, because none of my other pe... [read more on Audiofanzine]

Derek Mok rated this unit 3 on 2007-01-18.

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