Encore A/E Reviews 4

German Music store for 250 German Marks. The store was going out of business and had a huge sale. Guitar was marked down 1/2 price. With the good dollar to mark exchange rate, it was just over $100. I had a regular acoustic guitar and wanted an Acoustic/Electric model, but had little money to spend.

It has beautiful tone and a very light action.

Very plain looking. Higher frets had a lot of buzz at first, but after a neck adjustment, sounds good on all but the hard to get at high frets. The only control on the guitar is a volume slide. Everything else must be done at the amp.

Everything has a good fit and finish. Tuners are inexpensive, but it stays in tune well.

I'd buy another if I could for that same price. Works well for the simple folk and light rock I play.

RJ Stone rated this unit 4 on 2001-08-01.

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