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My second ever guitar was an Encore acoustic, like every other Encore acoustic it absolutely blew.

Nothing, there is nothing that can be said about Encore guitars that is positive. If you have one and think, no its good, then you must be a terrible terrible player because these guitars are a disgrace and only a mong would think they are any good.

I dislike everything about these guitars, if they are acoustic the action is usually about three or four metres, if they are electric the neck is littered with dead points, the intonation is dreadful, and i swear they are made from old industrial pallettes. The electrics look like they have been wired by an Indian, as Prince Philip might say.

The construction and quality is barely non existent.

It is my duty as a life long guitar player and an experienced guitar teacher to get this company shut down. If another sprog turns up on my doorstep with this absolute joke of an instrument again, i will break down into a heap of tears before using the guitar to remove his or her head. Please, please, as a plea for all guitar tutors on the planet, please do not buy these. Yes they are cheap, and you can go on all day about how you dont want to spend money on your first guitar in case you dont take to it, but I am telling you now that the majority of people who start with an Encore guitar give up because the instrument in so piss poor it doesn't seem worth it. Like every one else who asks, you will ignore me and buy one anyway, cos its about fifty quid cheaper then,say, a Squier tele. Now Squier guitars aint exactly good either, but if you must be a skinflint get one of those, or else invest some money like the rest of us and accept that learning an instrument isnt a hobby, its not fun, its a discipline, a religion, so spend some money you tight arse.

Dan rated this unit 1 on 2003-04-29.

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