Encore CEA255BL Reviews 4

I had this for christmas. It was 120.00 i got it from ivormairants-BAD SHOP-good guitar. I got it because i wanted an Electro-acoustic and it was blue-my favourite colour.

I like it because it plays well it's got a very nice tone-for a dreadnought-the colour's nice it's like a blueburst kind of thing. It's got chrome tuners and it's just great to play.

I don't like the pickups very much-they're too simple-i would have liked to have them with more things-it's just tone and volume-i know having them simple would be a plus for some people but i'd like a bit more technical. There is only one knob for the strap-at the bottom-and you have to tie the strap on to the neck just above the bridge i would've prefered another knob by where the twelfth fret is.

It has good quality and is extremely comfortable to play-for a dreadnought-and prduces a nice sound. The construction is good except for inside with the pickup leads everythime i pick it up they move and i think there is something in there and it's extremely annoying.

Overall it is a brilliant guitar worth the money they could probably get away with adding ten pounds to the price. I recommend buying this if you are a beginner as it is simple, but effective.

Stev-o rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-01.

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