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I got it from argos, where they always come from.Theyre the only company stupid enough to stock them.

I like the cardboard box it came in. That was well built. Erm. . .Thats it.

Well, where to start. . As soon as i opened the box i realised what a terrible mistake i had made. It looked dump, wat light and flimsy, the fretboard werent painted correctly and the action ! Oh My Sweet Lord what were they thinking, looks like it was constructed by a group of retards who had escaped to this country and were given a job designing a guitar., i had to file down the bridge, and the nut ! And for the love of god it wont stay in tune for more than 5 minutes!

Please describe the construction and quality of the unit ? Erm tricky . . . ABSOULUTE ARSE ! close enough ?

Any bombers wishing to ply there trade, should blow up this company !

Steve. UK. rated this unit 1 on 2003-05-30.

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