Encore Electric-Acoustic Guitar Reviews 4

I got this guitar 70 from Argos.

This guitar is fantastic for the money, I've never played a nicer acoustic, and that includes some 1800 piece of Gibson crap and some cruddy 1200 Martins (sound familiar, Dan?). Excellent sound, tone and playability. Yes it's plywood, production-line and mass produced but who cares? Oh yeah, the strings are ace too, a wound G-string is always welcome.

Only gripes - No cutaway and shoddy sound when plugged in but hey, just replace the pickups and quit bitchin.

Not fantastically put together although my girlfriends beaten the hell out of hers and it's still intact.

If you're looking for a budget acoustic/ Electo-acoustic buy it. You won't find a better guitar unless you spend over 250-300, so why bother, You pay for the name half the time (Gibson, Martin).

Tim rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-14.

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