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I love blues music, been playing guitar for a few years now. Love just improvising, Gary Moore, although he might be arrogant, is an excellent player. nd I love his les paul, there are so many rich tones in it.

Bought it from Argos for 70 pounds. Don't buy guitars from argos if you play seriously, because ordering from a catalogue will not give you the feel of the guitar.

I do not like this guitar one bit, it's the worst steel string guitar i have ever played. It's best attribute is that it is cheap.

The guitar never stays in damn tune, the fret boards might as well be made of cardboard they're so bad, the sound is just rubbish, what do encore guitars get made of? MDF or chip board by the sound of the sound quality. There isn't any sustain because of the bad wood quality.

It's not so much bad construction, just bad parts really. I've yet to test whether it is robust, i might try smashing it on somebodies head, that's about all it's good for.

Crap, if you want a real acoustic, get a tanglewood. And make sure you get a feel for the guitar you're buying, no matter how many reviews you read, you should still try the guitar for yourself, other people can't decide whether you like the guitar or not.

John rated this unit 1 on 2008-01-04.

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