Encore W255 Reviews 4

I bought this guitar from sharon music (damm good shop) I bought it for my first guitar as i needed one and i paid 84.99

I like the guitar because it looks nice, sounds nice and is a general plesure to play

There is not much i don't like about it but if there is somthing its the scrach plate because it says encore all over is and it makes it look cheap.

I thing it has been constructed very well for its price i have had it for 8 months and it has not let me down yet. But strings suck so get new expensive ones and it Doubles the quality of the sound!

so over all i think this guitar is cool. if you are geting a first guitar buy one and still it is goog enought with small modifications can be a good Intermediate guitar to.

Ben rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-08.

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