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http://www.piedog.com for about 60 because it was a Black Acoustic (I love Black Acoustic Guitars) and wanted a cheap one to experiment with.

It's in my favourite colour, black. Firstly it was cheap to experiment on and secondly it was Black and had an offwhite trim around it.

The scrathplate/pickguard is terrible, it has Encore writting all over it. The action is too high I feel.

The quality's not the best but what do you expect for 60? The paint chips easily and the wood has small dents from the slightest knock. Construction wise, I cannot see any really major faults.

I've only been playing for about 9months now but I know well enough that this isn't really the best guitar to play on (I have 3 Guitars). The action is too high (this can be sorted though with a little effort). Intonation is a little off but relatively ok. I haven't experienced much trouble with staying in tune either. However on an Acoustic guitar the actual sound itself is one of the most important things to consider and sadly this doesn't produce the nicest sound. It's ok for a single notes, but once you start kicking in with Chords it starts to lose it. It's ok to buy if you just fancy trying out an acoustic guitar but I feel it may put beginners off learning guitar. Not to say this isn't a beginner's guitar because it is; but my point is that it would probably be a better idea to go that little bit extra and buy a better guitar as they will sound better but also play better. The original strings on the Guitar make it sound even worse. It did sound better with a new set of higher quality strings. To conclude, buy this if you're vaguely experienced and feel like experimenting with an acoustic (i.e. changing the height of the saddle, trying different things etc).

Ricky rated this unit 2 on 2003-08-24.

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