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i got this bass from a local book store whcih has a small music section up stairs they usually sell good quality stuff such as nice 5 string ibanez or jazz bass's, however they made a mistake when they orderd in this, it was 120. and was foolishly bought by me because i saw the price.

absolutely nothing, its an encore, thats all you have to know i would rather become a drummer than play this.

well lets see where to begin? the pick ups suck, its all toneless the neck feels like it was made out of chipboard the strings are twangy and when u slide on the E it sounds like the world is ending, when u put it in almsot any amp and turn up the volume it sounds like uve got sum heavy metallica distortion on only it sounds crap, the head stock is shiny and it looks like its been dipped in oil, the body is tacky and the abbuse u get when people find out u bought an encore is un bareable and basically its so heavy it feels like uve got a small horse around your neck!?!

the body and neck feels tacky and the headstock (dont get me started) the one thing i can say about the people in the third world country that made this bass is that they know how to fix a neck to a body for my neck hasnt snapped...Yet. but i would be more than happy to test its durability with an 18 wheeler.the most fun u will get out of this bass is throwing it out of a moving vehicle.

basically if ur just starting literally and your from a wealthy family who can affor to buy you a new bass is 6 months time go for it. if not get a squire precision or a squire bronco bass ( which is marganily batter )the only reason i can now tell people i once bought an encore when i was younger is because i am now the proud owner of a sadawski vintage 4 and a music man SUB. and they are without a doubt the mack!

Pinky knows best rated this unit 1 on 2004-10-24.

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