Encore PK 40 Precision Lookalike Reviews 4

Ive owned a few of these, the last was from Swales music shop in Haverfordwest. Its a bass thats ideal for jamming and small/casual band gigging , I thinkl I paid 90 because there were a few and I made the slaesperson sweat by checking the harmonics and generally being a pain.

No its not a Fender precision 59', but for around 100, you get a bass that mostly stays in tune,resonable tone range, and at a distance looks the part, and providing youre putting it through a decent amp, you'll be ok.

Mmm, I seem to remember it had a habit of breaking strings, thats about it really, cant argue for 100.

My encore precision was comfortably heavy, no sharp edges(mind you I was resonsible for the de fretting of the occasional encore), ok Im a Jaco Pastorious fan. Im jst happy that for 100 encore have provided a bass for a beginner or a jamming,fretless butcher!

I said I like it, but I'd rather have a Fender Precision jazz please santa!

Binney rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-22.

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