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I bought this instrument from a small shop in Studley for 150, which I later realised was 10 over R.R.P. I am now playing guitar mainly but I began on bass and still enjoy it. I naturally assumed the cheaper make Encore would be the best price however in hinde site i realise the squier affinity p. bass guitar would have been a far superior choice

The quality of the wood, finish and neck is hard to fault, and despite being a copy still looks the part. Since I have owned this bass, I have never swapped a string, had to majorly retune it, and since it holds its tune well. When it works, it can sound fairly impressive from a learners perspective.

The rattle and the electronics. The string tension requires adjustment, as even standard EADG tuning causes a rattle when played with any force. This may just be a set up issue but shouldnt have ever been wrong, also Ive had to replace the electronics and did so professionally costing 30. The electronics are failing again now causing a break up in the signal and an undesirable sound.

The electronics are quite simply, a joke. The rest of the quality is unflawable. This is no 800 Fender USA Precision Bass bear in mind but the build and finish is impressive and tough. Its by no means perfect but fantastic for the price, let down by the electronics.

A reasonable guitar with reasonable quality for the price, let down by shoddy pots and soldering. not set up well but durable, Verdict: spend about 10+ and buy a Squier Affinity P. Bass. Bear in mind this guitar could cost a further 30 inb repairs

Anthony Endsor rated this unit 2 on 2003-09-29.

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