Encore Vintage Reviews 4

Second hand for 60, I bough because I was asked to play in a one off charity gig by some work mates.

I love the weaght, not heavy or light just right, and the 7/8's neck is just perfect. P and J pickups and a nice tone gives this a good sound, better then any squire I'v played, better build quailty too.

The neck could be smother, it's still OK but if it has a better neck, it would be a all rounder.

The build is very good, solid but not too heavy, I have dropped it a few times but all is ok, never goes out of tune.

It's a sun burst red with p/j pickups, it sayed on the head that it's a encore but I haven't seen another enocres like it. I like it and will be keeping it.

Brendan rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-07.

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