Enforcer 5 Piece Drum Set Metallic Red Reviews 5

i got this set on ebay for $229.00 plus a $80 shipping . it was pretty cool. good deal too the sizes were "22" "12" "13" "14" "16" it also includes throne , sticks , and cymbals. "16" "14"

i like every thing about it .. good for intermedit beggenier or pro..

i like the whole thing excetp the bass pedle and the throne and bass head. the pedle keep coming off when i try to play a hard beat and the throne was a little only a little wobble and the the bass head (back)and were made by remo so was the rest but they suck .. but the tom tom snare and floor tom head was really good.

good , quality double braced strong!!!!

i liked it , perfect, best set played yet there cheaper then the tama swingstar i had and they sound just a like.

Brian le rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-13.

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