Enforcer 5 Piece Drum Set Silver Reviews 4

I paid $229 on Ebay for it, shipping was unfortunately $80. Sizes: 22" "12" "13" "14" "16". It also came with a free drum throne, sticks, and cymbals (hi hat and crash)

this drum set sounds great, simple as that. it got voted best accustic drum set in 2001. Enforcer isn't a brand you hear a lot about, but it definately has great quality. this is one of the best all-around set i've ever played, especially for it's price.

the hi-hat stand i found to be cheaply made. there hasn't been a time, at least recvently, in which it hasn't given me trouble. the actual drums themselves are great, but the hardware, heads, and stands are not exactly great.

this drum set is great quality. it's heavy duty and seems to have been constructed well.

overall, i loved the set. i continue to "rock" it today. but the hardware, well, wasn't up to my standards as a drummer.

Ali Rhea rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-26.

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