Epiphone Studio Bass 10 Reviews 5

I got it for Christmas from my dad. He says they sold for around $100 at a small music store called J&W Music.

It has studio quality sound. My friend plugged his bass into it and loved it. He went on for weeks about how he loved the sound and finally got one of his own. It's quite portable and it's practically indestructible. Plus, it's customizeable for people who like different bass sounds.

It's very power-consuming. I couldn't plug it into the same outlet as a computer because the computer would go out as soon as I turned it on. Other than that, it's excellent.

Well, it's very well constructed... It has a headphone jack, and dials for Bass, Treble, Middle, Prescence, and Volume. It's also very tough and isn't more than 10 pounds in weight.

Lightweight, good-sounding, tough, and customizeable. That's my kind of amp.

Jason Smith, Jr. rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-27.

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