Epiphone Accu-Bass Reviews 4

I bought this on Ebay for $160, and it came with a 10 watt amp, gig bag, tuner, and other stuff.

It is a really sturdy bass, and other than a little ringing/buzzing on the e string, it sounds good. Its heavy, really heavy, but i like that. No problem with the knobs. The standard strings are really good, and not one has broken yet, ive had it for almost a month.

umm other than the buzzing on the e string, it untunes overnight usually, which isnt really a problem, and the strap holder things come loose a lot, but some new quality ones should be ok.

It is really sturdy so it wont break. The wood is great, epiphone uses good wood on their basses, and its put together fairly well except for the tuning keys and strap screws.

GREAT first bass, escecially for the price. this bass helped me learn the basics of bass, and i expect to have it a lot longer. great buy in the right place, and a great bass... rock on.

Paul rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-29.

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