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I've been playing the bass guitar for not too long now. I myself didnt have a bass till a few months ago. My first desire was to get an SG, I fell deeply in love with the body style. The Prices were way too high, and I also needed the money for an amp. I went to some local stores (Guitar Center, Mars,...)but I never saw what I really liked. I found a mint condition Epiphone EB-O on Ebay from a guy not too far away. He was also selling a Epiphone Studio amp. This was for about 300$, so I had to get it.

The body style is first what I liked about the bass. The neck has a rosewood fingerboard (this looks better as it ages)and I dont get much buzz from the strings. Its easy to tune, Im not afraid of popping a string. On the body, the humbucker pickup is very usefull. The bridge is easy to adjust and the pickguard has a unique style.

There's not much to dislike about the bass. Occasionaly I get a little buzz but its mainly above the 12 frets of the E string. The strings do get loose, but I do play everyday, and I keep it in my gigbag.

It is well built with a bolted neck. It has large tunning keys, a rosewood finger board, and single humbucker pickup. It also has a black pickgaurd (my eb-o is black, an easy adjusting bridge and nice volume and tuning control. The input jack is on the front of the body, and Im not afraid of accidentaly yanking it out when I play.

This is definitly the perfect bass for any beginner. The price is pretty low if baught by itself. It sounds great, and looks cool. If I had the choice again to get my first bass, Id still go for the EB-O.

Epiphone EB-O review rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-11.

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