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This is a 1998 model Epiphone Explorer bass. I checked the serial numbers and sent them to Gibson to learn it was manufactured in Korea and is not a Korina Body. They gave me no clue as to the actual material of the body but I believe it to be alder. It is antique ivory with gold hardware, set 22 fret neck and double humbuckers.I use this as my main gig bass due to the ability to achieve many different tones without a battery powered preamp to go dead in the middle of a song.

I actually traded a 5 string bass for this beauty so I guess I have a tad over 500 dollars invested, and dont regret that a bit. It was very easy to set up for my personal tastes and requires very little adjustment

This bass is absolutely beautiful to look at and backs that up with killer tones to boot! I was amazed at the sound quality compared to my black Ltd Edition korina bass. It looks like a different color of the same bass but the quality is much much higher in this one. The finish is perfect and is over 12 years old! The fit of all the parts is amazingly tight and nothing seems misaligned.

The painted neck thing never appealed to me on any guitar and this one is no different. Under performance conditions a towel should be kept handy to wipe the back of the neck to avoid 'sticky' action when you get a little sweaty hand goin on. For some reason this bass balances out remarkably well considering its shape. So I cant really complain about neck dive with this.

I believe the body is alder and the neck probably maple under the 3 feet of paint. It has a set neck that is typical Gibson. And two Humbucker pickups with thumb rests built into the top side, a very nice touch. The gold hardware is fairly easily tarnished but cleans up and shines like new easily.

This bass inspires me to be a better player and step up more often. I use it as my main bass at shows and have had 0 problems with it.I would recomend this to anyone.

Curt willeby rated this unit 5 on 2010-06-30.

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