Epiphone I5021488 Bass Guitar Reviews 4

I bought this bass at a pawn shop for $190 used, and it came with a new set of strings as well. The price tag was $230 but I talked him down.

it looks good, the tuning machines are pretty nice, it sounds clear, the strap pins work well (doesn't slip) it has good pickups. it has a goose-head, and the strings are threaded through the back of the bass. what more do you want?

it came with a few dents in the body and it's neck is maple. Its not the greatest for slapping on.

Its verry tough, the neck is bolted on, feels good. fairly heavy though. one dial for volume and one dial for tone, dual pickups. all you really need.

Bottom line: Its all you really need, nothing that special though, I recommend it if your trying to spend under $300.

Socko rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-19.

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