Epiphone Thunderbird iv bass guitar Reviews 4

My parents treated me to a new bass for my 18th Birthday. I already own a Yamaha John Myung Bass. But I was after a four string with a reasonable pricetag attached. I purchased it from my local music shop in Bury st Edmunds, England, it cost about 550. I would consider it to be a very good bass for the money i paid.

This bass sounds good and has a beautifull action. I is perfect for just about any player who is starting out or is experienced. Epiphone say that it delivers fat humbucker tones and i have to say it does do just that. This bass has a lovely finish to it and the unusual shape often gets second glances!! Definately value for money.

When i play alot on my i own i sit on my bed. I feel that this guitar is a little awkward to rest on the knee because of the wieght and the odd shape. However i am prepared to forgive Gibson/Epiphone for this because the odd shape is attractive!!

The bass is built very well. It has a bolted neck rather than an inset, it is build very solid and is available in the classic sunbirst finish. Lovely!!

I would recomend this guitar to anybody. It has every thing. Okay so its a little heavy, but it is very stylish and unusual. If you know anything about bass guitars then you will appreciate both the Gibsons and the Epiphones are excellent for sounds and looks!!

John Myung Fan rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-22.

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