Epiphone Basher Player Pack Reviews 4

i bought this guitar package from sam ash in phila. i wanted an inexpensive guitar to learn on and it cost me $180.

Well the guitar sounds good, and stays in tune remarkably well. the playability of the nesck is great, the pickups are good and the amp sounds ok.

well the guitar's neck has needed to be adjusted a few times. you can tell because the low e string will buzz alot. the amp sounds ok except for a static background when the gain is turned up, so distortion is a little staticy.

the neck goes out of whack too much.

in all i like the guitar, and the whole package. it served its used, i learned to play on it. and i'm gonna keep it when i get my strat. i would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to play and doesnt have the money to spend alot.

c-dawggy rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-28.

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