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I bought this guitar at a local guitar shop named Ranbow Guitars for $130 and the case for $70. I was trying a lot of guitars in this price range and this one had the best sound and price.

It has great sound for the price. It also has decent pickups (Humbukers). It has good action. It seems similar in sound and how it looks to a real gibson SG that coasts hundreds of dollars more.

The toggle switch was damaged and had a short in it so I'm going to have it replaced ,but every thing else is fine.

It lookes like a black SG and its bottem of the line for Epiphone, but the quality of this guitar is great.

This guitar is cheep and of best quality for its price. Watch out for a mest up toggle switch. If you dont have a lot of money I highly recomend this guitar. Sorry for any splling mistakes.

Dez Cole rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-28.

I got this guitar from Mars Music (aka Z music) right before they went out of buisness about a year ago. I paid only $140 for it because it was on sale from $180. I got the Blood Red one.

The Best part about this guitar is the price. $140, you cant beat the price. I also like the guitar because it's an SG and i like the SG style. I also loved the action, great action. Basically i got it cause it was a great buy.

When i got it i didnt really like the paint. The paint was of high quality but the color sucked. Every other SG was red and i wanted something different. But besides that its great.

The guitar itself is made cheap, you could tell that just from the price. You get what you pay for. But after i sanded it, painted it, replaced the pickups and beat it up it still plays better than any other guitar iv'e ever played.

The Bottom line is that it's a great buy. For the price this was a great deal.

Mike Porter rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-12.

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