Epiphone Chet Atkins Steel String Reviews 3

This is an earlier version on Epiphones Chet Atkins SST Studio guitar, a (almost) solid-body electric for acoustic tone. It features only one Piezo Pickup. I payed 350 Detusche Mark (now Euro) in 1992 for this instrument (circa $175) in a Guitar store in Hamburg, Germany

This guitar has a very comfortable feel, an "acoust-size" body, but due to the resonance chambers throughout the body it is not too heavy, while wonderfully resonant over a large frequency spectrum.

Before Epiphone made these all solid body looking (see Chet Atkins SST Studio) a silly plastic cup covered an imaginary soundhole, that was simply an insert carved into the body of the guitar where a soundhole would be (much like the classical version of the guitar Chet Atkins CE that Epiphone also offers). The original piezo was not worth much, and its installation somewhat sloppy.

Other than the piezo itself (now replaced with a Fishman Matrix) the unit is solid and of good quality instruction!

For anyone that is into "customizing" guitars, possibly installing additional pickups etc, this is a great affordable instument that sounds wonderful. The original piezo is not worth much, but with the many affordable piezo units out there, one can make this guitar into a great sounding studio and stage guitar (no feedback for acoustic tones) that would make Mr. Atkins proud.

stieglerct rated this unit 3 on 2004-03-11.

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