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I purchased this guitar from a player at our church for $200 about a year ago. He was looking to sell it and pay some bills, and he knew I was into playing. When I first saw it, I fell in love. The menacing look and rich crimson metallic color spoke to me. That was so moving, I made myself cry.

I really enjoy the nice warm tone. The whole guitar just feels really solid and well-made. The strings feel like they're exactly the right distance from the neck (there's a word for that, I don't know it.) I also like the design, but you already knew that.

There are some minor things that I don't like, but the sheer coolness make up for it. -The guitar is top-heavy. The neck has a tendency to slide down towards your feet. -The pickup selector switch is very sensitive, and close to the strings. I have often accidentally flipped it while in the middle of playing. Somewhat irritating. -It is not a sit-down guitar. Obviously, the straight edge slides down your leg and prevents comfortable playing. Solution: stand up! -The jack is in an akward position. As has been stated, the jack is on the underside, and is hard to reach.

The quality is impeccable. Solid, indestructible feel, great finishes, excellent construction.

Final thoughts: Awesome sound + menacing looks + sweet feel = an award-winner.

Dan Faucett rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-12.

I bought this guitar at Guitar Center. It was on sale for 179.00 with a suggested retail of 499.00. After playing it for a while and comparing it to my SG, I had to have it.

I loved the metallic red finish, the dual humbuckers (which sound beautiful) the new string thru body, and awesome Flying V Style.

I don't like the positions of the cord jack. It is inside of the V on the butt of the guitar. It makes it kinda awkward when you have the strap on. Also the volume knob is very close to the high e string. I sometimes hit it when i'm playing solos.

This guitar has a solid body, bolt on, rosewood neck, die cast tuners and nice finish. It's overall quality is exceptional for the money.

I would highly recommend this guitar. It plays and sounds very much like my Gibson SG. The sustain is beautiful and the humbuckers rock and they rock hard. Buy it, you'll love it.

Kevin G. rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-15.

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