Epiphone E-Series Basher Reviews 4

I got this guitar because I listen to a lot of heavy metal. One day I thought to myself I want to make music. I got on sale for $180 from musicians friend. The price was the main reason I got the E-Series Basher.

I like that it has the shape of a Gibson Les Paul. It also has a special freatbord that makes it easier to slide. also it isn't to heavy or to light.

The pickup selecter. I have had for 15 months and when i change the selction from trebel to rythem some times the wiring goes caput and the humbuckers won't work. so I have to fiddel around with the swich.


I couldn't go a day without my E-Series Basher. Keep jamming.

Ben rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-14.

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