Epiphone Elite Les Paul Standard Reviews 5

Bought from Musicians Friend via the internet by my wife for me for our 25th wedding anniversary. I think she paid $1,040 plus shipping. This guitar came with a case but my wife didn't realize that and bought an extra one.

The guitar is flawlessly beautiful. I got the faded cherry burst model and it has to be one of the best looking guitars ever made. It plays so easily I wonder if I'm that good or the guitar is. The weight and ballance are great. The tuners are smooth and look great. The fret inlays are strikingly handsome. My fingers run up and down the fret board with so much ease that my wife gets jealous that I don't play with her as often. I also got a Marshall practice amp and a Digitech processor and the sound and versitility of this guitar are wonderful. With my set up I can produce any tone I want and the guitar never complains. It also stays in tune very well.

I seem to loose track of time when I play this guitar since hours seem only like minutes. I've missed a few meals because I didn't want to put this baby down. I've only had this guitar for 10 months but have already gone through 4 sets of strings. I only wish I had more time to spend with it.

Everything about this guitar is quality; from production to performance, I love it.

I just bought a $250,000 house and the first room I show freinds and family is my den where I display/play my Les Paul.

John Gardner rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-13.

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