Epiphone Explorer Gothic Reviews 5

I bought this guitar of the guitar amp and keyboard website for £315,,v quick delivery and in perfect condition except for brown strings??? This unit has the Floyd Rose Tremelo.

This guitar rocks, i primarly bought it cuz i luv metallica and jaymz Heptfield has such cool sounding guitars so i decided to copy :)lol....this guitar has a seriously heavy sound combined with my Marshall mgdfx250 and digitech metal master its as Metallica as you can get with out spending £xxxxx on eqipment. Its a seriously quality made guitar and hardwearing i have droped mein several time for it to come off without a single scratch.

Hmm,,,honestly....the original pick ups do suck a lil bit,,replace them with emg pick ups and ur done,,tis what i did for the really heavy tones.

Super quality no faults here,,,cept maby the strap pin at the front may need to b replaced soon...:(

Great guitar if u like heavy cruncg sounds primarly a metal guitar!!

Oliver Amer Mitwali rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-12.

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