Epiphone Explorer Korena Reviews 4

I bought this axe at a store called Neapean Music Center, i loved the look and the sound and i got it all for $900AU.

it has a great sound and killer looks and easy access.

it kind of feels cramped playing while sitting down because of the short-scale neck and the protruding spike but it's fine playing standing up.

it's shape and body is built well and the axe would last a long time. You may encounter problems with the switch, because my friend bought an Epiphone LP Studio, which is the same price, and he had some problems. Get it replaced and it will play like a dream.

Overall, this guitar is good for its price and would do well gigging for it has great looks and has a great sound and construction.

Pat rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-01.

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