Epiphone Firebird-Reissue Reviews 3

I acquired this guitar from my uncle as a graduation gift. I had never played the guitar previously to this but was eager to learn. A year or so has gone by and I have picked up pretty well on the basics. I am excited to learn more and want to explore my style on other guitars.

I like how the guitar sounds, it has a very nice tone. I also love the color it is a cherry red with a white pick guard. It is shaped differently (like a Epiphone Slasher?) but that makes it unique. I am also happy with how it stays in tune pretty well.

There is really nothing that I dislike about this guitar since I haven't played any others.

It is a two piece construction with a beautiful Rosewood fretboard and a solid body. The quality of construction is good to very good due to a few minor imperfections.

I rate this guitar a 3 since I really like it but dont know enough about guitars to give an accurate vote. I am sure there are much better guitars by Epiphone/Gibson and I can't even imagine what Fender has to offer the market. I would recommend this guitar to any beginner but to an expert I would let them decide for themselves.

Zach rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-23.

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