Epiphone Flying V Gothic Reviews 5

Bought it from guitarampkeyboard.com for £219 in a sale. I had always wanted a V, i loved Kerry Kings sig style V and then became a huge Machine head fan and Robb Flynn uses a gibson V.

Looks absolutely awesome, everyone that sees it is impressed, the action is not superb and the factory pick-ups are good enough for me and Iím in a post thrash metal band. The machine heads also are of a high quality and I hardly ever have to re tune it. Also it is extremely easy to restring

When I first got it the action was very high and the intonation was well out but that is almost all sorted out now as I had it professionally set up. Annoyingly however it still chokes on the 18th fret on the 6th string small problem I know, but it is a problem.

It feels very light, which is great on stage when you are jumping around like a mad idiot! Despite it being very light it does feel like u couldnít damage it and its been dropped many times and you couldn't tell.

An awesome guitar from epiphone as per usual great quality, no wonder so many musicians use V's, i couldn't be happier with mine!

Jamey rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-21.

at a london music shop for low price of around 210.00 in a sale! from around 400-450!

Everything! looks awsome! great shape and colour. can get a tone very much like MetallicA. clean and distorted. everything basicaly is excellent.

at first the shape was annoying but i'm completely used to it now. nothing else at all.

brilliant. nothing wrong at all


flad rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-18.

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