Epiphone G-400 Flame Top Deluxe Reviews 5

i bought this guitar from guitartrader.com . they have the best prices and service anywhere! i paid 350 for it and got free shipping. awesome!

this guitar is beautiful!!!!! almost to the point that i don't want to touch it. this is my second guitar. my first is a no name two single one humbucker strat. i don't even want to call it a guitar since i got this. the body is light and comfortable to play. mine came with grover tuners, so it stays playable for a long time. the pickups have a nice full warm tone on the rythem pickup, and a bright tone on the treble pickup. did i mention this guitar is beautiful?

for the price i paid for it, it's a dream. so far there's nothing i dislike about it.

everything's perfect. it's a light guitar, but heavy enough i don't feel like i'll break it. everything on it is high quality.

flametops are usually associated with higher priced guitars, so if you like the flametop, but don't make a lot of dough, buy this!! i've always liked the sg style of body, always will. there is nothing i don't like about this guitar. sounds great, looks great, plays great. buy it!!!!

JD rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-09.

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