Epiphone Gothic Les Paul Studio Edition Reviews 5

Well I purchased this product with money and at a music store called Music 6000. The Gothic Les Paul Studio Edition is listed at 659.00 and M6K was selling it for 399.95 and it was going to be 432.00 with tax and my dad talked the guy down to 415.00 after tax.

I like, no love every single thing about this guitar. The strings don't require a lot of pressure to play them with good tone, the Alnico Humbuckers sound so good its unexplainable, the single body is lite weight and feels perfect in your hands, and the satin black just makes you stare at it for hours.

The only thing that I don't like about this guitar is the pick up switch cut out the day I bought it, but M6K switched it out with a better one for free. Actually there is another reason and that is, that it isn't a Gibson, because if I had 1,300.00 I would have bought that one instead.

The quality is superb and is the best guitar I own.

I highly recommend this guitar to anyone that has taste, wants to sound good, and isn't a stuck up rich person.

Brian G. rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-11.

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