Epiphone Korina 58 Explorer Reviews 5

I purchased this 2001 at Sam Ash in Columbus Ohio. Due to an advertising mistake, I was a slug and took advantage of the big guys {for once} and got this guitar for $199.99!!! And because they where so nice, I continue to shop there thanks to great customer service!

First off, I like the gold hardware, it looks great with the Natural Finish. Its almost a Golden Honey color. The Finish itself is super excellent in consistancy. The ease of playing with this neck is also excellent. The guitar can make some great sounds with the right effects. Great sustain,and good clear tone as well.

The downside is the shape. Its very very easy to bang into something...like furniture,for those of you who dont have sick minds. The extended Headstock is extra length your not used to, as well as the back top side under your arm. This is a big guitar. Not good for a small club,or being around a wild man bass player. Its too easy to damage. While it can make great sounds,it seems more limited than a SEMI-HOLLOW BODY. The pot metal switch broke off, it still works, but should be thicker or different style.

Construction seems as good as any Gibson Ive ever had. It has a great set neck, and the tuners are excellent. The finish is excellent, flawless. Seems to be a solid guitar, and well built.

All in all, its a big hunk of wood that will make some serious sound. Definitly puts out quality sound that you would notice right off, and expect from a quality guitar! Finding a case could be difficult,but think some D-shaped Acoustic Bags will work. The original price is $499,and feel that even at that price you would be getting your moneys worth. It looks great in a collection, as well as on stage. If you want to make a statement, or are hacked off at someone in the band, whip this baby out and crank it up!!!!

EDDY JAMES rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-06.

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