Epiphone LP Junior Special Reviews 5

I found this guitar in the dumster behind my appartment building. So i thought why not take it, because it's not very oftern you get a free guitar.

it was free, it sounds great now that i have put folk nylone strings on it. The people in my local symphony think im nuts!

who ever had it before me refinished it in pink but i guess you cant blame that on the factory.

it's an epiphone what can i say.

It makes a great classical electric, especially if it's free.

dick trickle rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-19.

well, i got this guitar from a local used/new guitar seller. and i traded in my ibanez bass, plus 20 bucks...so not bad....i mean, you cant get much for trade anyway.

i love the bridge, very sleek design. the pickup on this guitar is amazing...even for only having a single humbucker. thats its best quality..its sound.

to be honest, the only detail i do not like about htis guitar is the tuning knobbs. they go out of tune more than usual, and are very flimsy.

i have to say...even though it is a cheaper guitar, it is worth much more than asking(even new). the single humbucker pickup has a great sound, i love the style of the bridge, it makes adjusting your action very easy. also (like it matters) the style of the bridge looks so sweet. the finish is very nice. and the all around style is that of a classic les paul. gotta love it.

i love this guitar. its cheep, and sounds great. a great guitar for a begginer, or if you dont have alot of cash. tell your friends about it ...they wont regret it.

Mike Guzman rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-25.

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