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I bought this on ebay for $130 which was a great deal. I bought because I couldn't afford a real les paul so this was the next best thing.

I like it because its ligth yet sturdy, looks great, sounds great, and feels great!

Its a little cheap, compared to the Gibson Les Paul.

Its good quality for the price but it could be better.

Dan Traudt rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-22.

I got it from Musician's Friend, and it was the best looking and least expensive Les-Paul on the site, I have had friends tell me about how Les Pauls are made with great quality ect. It cost about $300.

Just about everything, first of all, it looks great. I got it in heritage cherry sunburst, and its beautiful. Also, it plays very well, the action is great, and the tone is awesome. I have only played for about a year, and my first guitar was a Standard Fender Strat, and this guitar blows that one away. It creates no detectable humming or buzzing, and all of the knobs and buttons work! The tuners are also very good.

The only things I do not like are that the pickup switch thingy seems to wiggle a little when its in the middle, but it doesn't when its on the high or low settings. Also, the fretboard apparently was stained or painted, and after playing for a few hours, my fingers mysteriously turn black...but it washes off. All in all, this guitar is great!

As far as I have seen, it's great. It has a bolt-on neck, but thats not a problem. I have hauled it around in a cheap gig-bag cuz I can't afford a hard shell case yet, and it has been unphased by my constant traveling. The only problem I have with the construction is that I'm afraid something is going to break on my baby, but nothing has yet so its all good!

Get one for yourself, or if you're feeling rich, get an Epiphone Les Paul standard...or maybe a Gibson, they're all great guitars, if it says Les Paul, it'll be a great guitar.

Mr. Bean rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-18.

I got this guitar off of music123.com for about $307. It is a very nice guitar looks like a very expensive guitar, besides the fact that it isn't. The guitar has a heritage cherry sunburst finish, it has a great sound to it i originaly had a washburn bt-2, but that wasnt good enough for me, and i felt like i had been playing long enough to be worthy of a new guitar. Something nicer and i did get exactly what i payed for a nice quality made, good sounding guitar.

I like pretty much every thing about it, its not a Gibson, but with a few upgrades it could very easily be like one.

The only things i can say about the guitar that i don't like is the strap wants to come off sometimes, so i would suggest a strap lock. The other minor thing is that it doesnt have the shiny metal covered pickups like most Gibson's do, but that is about all.

Good quality guitar, im not for sure where it was made, but its built very nicely nice feel, seems to take abuse well, over all nice quality.

This guitar is the next best thing after all those other expensive Epiphone's and gibson's, i think i'll stick with this guitar for a while.

Lerty sctto rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-05.

I bought this guitar at Cascio Interstate Music new for $385.00! It is an excellent buy.

I worked over the summer doing construction work because i wanted to purchase a new guitar. I had gotten tired of my Fender Custom Shop Strat. It was too plain. I worked until i could buy the Gibson Les Paul Standard. But as I walked into the guitar section i wandered over to the Epiphones at Cascio Interstate. I decided that a Gibson would be too much since I never leave a guitar how it is when i first buy it. I always customize it. And if I bought an epiphone i would be losing much money if i screwed it up. I plugged it in and played. It looked and felt like a Gibson LP. Nice sustain. great weight. black finish. it responded perfectly to ever pinch harmonic i played. and the sound was clean and clear on my Marshall's clean channel. And hard shredding distotion on my distortion channel. This is a great guitar for anyone.

The angle of the front strap pin used to bother me until i bouht strap locks. and the wriring came loose once but thats about it.

Great. could be better with a bolt on neck though

Guitargod9 rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-08.

New at Music 123.com for $305

I'm an amature player who dosen't put a lot of strain on an instr. right now, but I think this guitar is great. The neck is plenty fast with no buzzes. The stock pickups are in my opinion very good quality, especially for the price paid. The finish is wonderful and it's not an overly heavy guitar. If you want a Les Paul but can't afford a Gibson this is the guitar for you! I am very pleased with this guitar and am very glad I chose it.

I've only owned it for a few weeks, but at this point there's nothing that really sticks out in my mind that I don't like. I mean, it may not have quite the highest line pickups, but then again I paid 305 dollars for it. To me the pickups are good enough that they really don't belong in this section, so I quess I'm back to nothing.

The guitar seems to be very well constructed, there are no buzzes and it seems to stay in tune pretty well. The neck is bolt on, but to me that's not such a major issue. I think this guitar will be with me for a long time.

The bottom line is this is a great guitar for the price. I've owned several guitars in this price range and this is by far my favorite.

mojorison_75 rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-12.

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