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Bought the Epiphone LS100, sight unseen from an online wholesaler for $305. I wanted a Les Paul style, and did'nt want to spend alot of money. My decision to purchase this particular guitar was based almost entirely on the reveiws I read on this site. I wanted to hear feedback from experienced guitarists, who had played a variety of guitars. Thanks to all who've posted reveiws, it helped alot, and your positive reveiws were RIGHT ON!

Have inspected the instrument from top to bottem-flawless. The gloss finish looks great, the bridge is fully adjustable, the volume and tone control knobs have a smooth firm feel to them, the tuning peg assemblies are completely sealed, and also have a firm, smooth feel to them. The guitar has a solid feel to it, but does'nt seem to be as heavy as some of the other Les Paul models I tried.

After going over the unit again, the only negative feature I could find was the pick-up switch, had a slightly sloppy feel to it.

In summary, I could'nt be happier with the model I bought. For anyone buying an entry level electric, I could'nt imagine getting a better unit for the price I paid.

SLD rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-01.

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