Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Reviews 5

I bought this guitar online for 450 or so from flyingpigmusic.co.uk as my other guitar (an excellent and much loved Rockwood Pro RP250) was starting to wear out so i decided to upgrade. Ed: This guitar has a 3 pickup configuration.

Where to start? The machineheads are amazingly accurate and tight. The switch is smooth and doesnt make an irritating click through the amp when switched. All three pickups have fantastic tone ranging from the warmth of the neck pickup via the "country twang" of the center pickup to the seering power of the bridge pickup. I could go on all night!

the one thing i dont like is the...erm well actually there isn't anything i don't like.

Having played many times on my brothers Gibson les paul studio and his gibson les paul goldtop re-issue i have to say that the epiphone black beauty more than holds its own on the build front. Its solid body and set neck joint make sustain almost eternal and the frets are excellent. The trim, scratch plate and such are fantastic.

I would highly recomend this guitar to those who want high quality at an affordable price. I think even the most experienced guitarist would struggle to tell the difference in sound to the real thing. i especially love the middle setting of the switch as the sound of all three pickups is fantastic for a great blues sound. Well done epiphone!

Flemo rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-06.

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