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new glasgow nova scotia for 289 cdn i fell for jr.s back in 69 when i heard a gibson through a ampeg reverbrocket.

i have had 2 epi les paul jr.s for about 4 years. i am very satisfied with the sound and playability though they do not sound exactly alike one is a single cut the other a double,it seems to make a difference. i am convinced that you cannot assume any given make or model of any guitar is guarenteed to produce exactly the same sound as another,there are too many variables,but they do produce a similar sound likewise the epi i have today doesn't sound like an old 50's gibson but, so what,it sounds great in it's own right.i've never considered any gibson or epi as road tough as a fender, but i feel structurally a gibson or epi would be equally durable.this is my favourite guitar,i have 2 i want more ,i guess that says it all,and in 35 years of playing i've gone through a lot of guitars.

can't find enough of them

this guitar has a painted body so you cannot see laminations or grain imperfections likewise with the higher priced model it emulates so can only assume it does not contain premium grade lumber, this what is supposed to make a guitar more expensive,but from what can be seen it is a well constucted and uncomplicated axe.i have noted from time to time inconsistancies in body and neck shapeing in epiphone models perhaps depending on where they have been made.

basic rock (50's) and blues machine ,one sound ,thats it crank it and go certainly worth the money.any body who picks it up doesn't put it down for a while.

carson rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-23.

I bought it from Guitar Center for $99, I bought it for a back-up stage guitar.

Everything! it's a great guitar for the money, when I first bought it I was thinking "yeah, I'll kick this around on stage" or something to that effect..but when I got it home and started playing it..I was BLOWN away, it was amazing! I even prefer it to my Gibson Les Paul!

Nothing besides the fact that I only have one.=D


Buy this guitar! Buy 10 of them! They rock!

Rod Dunchen rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-02.

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