Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Sam Ash Exclusive Reviews 3

store: Sam Ash reason for buying: my first electric guitar paid: 199.99$ USD

Beautiful cherry red finish. I liked it because of vanity.

Crappiest tuners on the market, never stays in tune, the jack always gets lose, the pickups don't do there job!

crapiest tuners, laminate body (mine had a bubble, whick i didn't spot right away. and the tuners are aweful, and a bolt on neck.

bottom line, don't buy this one. get the cheaper 50$ lespaul special II, or spend more money and get something better, like a no-name lespaul with a set neck. You can get a good one at Rondomusic.com. I heard they were really good from a freind, and it is only 50$ more.

Alex Hage rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-23.

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