Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Manufacturers Refurb. Reviews 5

I got this electric guitar from musiciansfriend.com for only $359.99 It was refurbished by the manufacturer which means that there was a problem with the whole shipment out of the factory of this guitar was messed up. Then the manufacturer recalled all of the les pauls and fixed the problem. I even got the color I wanted, heritage cherry and normally that would be another $70! It came very quickly and I really enjoy it.

I love this guitar. This guitar is awesome. I had a fender strat before and I like this better. I love the smooth neck that is thinner than a strat and I also love the color. My guitar is soooooooo playable. It's incredible! When the guitar comes from the factory the playablility is already pretty low, but I lowered mine even more. It is a sweet guitar. The weight of it is nice because it is less than a Gibson Les Paul and it doesn't hury your shoulders as much. I didn't get the funky green cheap tuners. I got the chrome grovers. They came with it for free. This guitar is awesome.

The only complaints that I have so far are the pickups and the strap holders on the guitar. The bridge pickup makes a funny buzz if I palm mute too hard, but that is only on occasion. The strap holders come loose and I have to tighten them up every once in a while. That's it, everything else on the guitar is killer!

The construction is very good. My guitar teacher has a Gibson and with my Grover tuners, the guitar is just as good as his. The construction of the neck and the electronics is stellar except for the very rare buzz that I get. The strap locks are the only cheap things on it. Like I said I love this guitar and the construction is great.

Buy this guitar if you are looking for a solid, playable, fun, and nice guitar. Even if you can only get it for around $550-$600, it's worth it. With distortion it sounds just like a gibson or just like your favorite band. The output from this guitar is much better than my old Fender strat. The heavy, mellow, and full sound out of the humbuckers is unbelievable for the price. Absolutely one of the best guitars out there. Go buy it!!!

Steve Somebody rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-01.

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