Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Maestro Reviews 4

I really like how Epiphone works. Not only do they keep improving, but they sometimes have a little fun instead of just releasing the same old, same old.

The Limited Edition G-400 SG with Maestro Tremelo isn't as limited as limited should be. I have seen it for sale at Guitar Center, Sam Ash and a few other places. It is $449.99 and that does not include a case.

The functionable tremolo is cool. Very reminiscent of Robby Krieger. The 70s Pelham blue finish has come back strong. I first saw it a year ago in the Dave Grohl signature Gibsons, but Epiphone put it on this limited run this year. The pickups are all you love from the classic SG tone. Get that Angus Young crunch or that sweet, fat syrupy Allman Brothers tone from it.

A good problem this guitar has is it sounds and plays like a real Gibson! Close your eyes and really enjoy this instrument.

Mahogany body and neck. Set neck design. Alnico pickups with the chrome covers. Maestro tremelo. The weight wasn't bad. I don't notice much difference between it and my strat.

Plays and feels like an old SG. Don't see too many guitars with the Maestro. These are limited and just came out in 2011, get them while you still can!

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-09-27.

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