Epiphone SG 400 Special Edition Reviews 5

I bought this guitar for 349 Euros at Musik Produktiv in Dissen, Germany, you can also purchase it via internet. www.musik-produktiv.de

First of all I checked this guitar very critically. I like the double cutaways, so it is easy to reach the higher frets and grat if you want to play solos. The general sound of the guitar is full of harmonics and has a wide range of stil, depending on the adjustment of the knobs. My guitar was a special edition, it came with an ebony finish a pearl pickguard and gibson humbuckers. (Don't ask me which kind of gibson humbuckers, the manual just said almico Gibson humbuckers) Anywas, the neck and the fretboard are really grippy and it is really fun to play solos. The metal tuners are very precice and the guitar can easily be tuned exactly without a tuner and they also stay in tune for weeks(that is not always the case with guitars in this price cathegory). I like the sound of the humbuckers, especially when highly distorted, it's a good mixture of vintage and modern, depending on the knob adjustments, though the bridge pickup is a bit to bassy for my taste. However I think, for this price the guitar is the best you can get.

I don't like the sound of the bridge pickup. it is too bassy, especially when playing distorted with both humber pickups. I might be because of my sometimes rough playing and bending-loving style of playing, but i havet his guitar for half a year now and the strings have broken rather often. Do not use light gauge strings.

Overall this guitar is a solid construction. Nothing has broken so for though I totured it a lot on many gigs within the half year i own it. It is a set neck guitar and has lots of sustain and a mahagony body of rather good quality. The screw that holds the pickup selector needs to be adjusted around every 3 months because it tends to loose a bit. The neck is too heavy and tends down while just standing without holding the guitar, but it doesn't bother while playing.

A good guitar within this price range. Depending on the adjsument of the knobs it can be used for various styls of music. It has a great sound, though the bridge pickup feels a bit too bassy, to my mind. Buy this guitar, because it has a good ration between getting and paying.

Matthias Mathmann rated this unit 5 on 2005-04-19.

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