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Its pretty cool that Epiphone is putting out good midlevel guitars that will cater to what the kids want nowadays. This isnt the Epiphone Les Paul special junk Epiphone was known for. This is a real serviceable guitar with great features and quality pickups. This guitar is perfectly road worthy and with a nice setup will play as well or better t... [read more on Audiofanzine]

tjon901 rated this unit 4 on 2011-11-11.

This is a review of the Epiphone SG Custom Prophecy GX. The guitar comes in a striking Black Cherry finish on a quilted maple top. The body and neck is mahogany with a bound rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware. The fingerboard uses a unique set of inlay markers that Epiphone calls, 'Ebony-Blade'. These inlays help to visually distinguish this guitar from other SG's. Regarding pickup controls, it only as a tone and volume knob with a 3-way toggle positioned between the two knobs however, it features a coil-tap to split both humbucking pickups into single coils...very nice feature.

This guitar was tested at Pat's Music in Bensalem, Pa. You can own one for $649.


There are 2 things I REALLY like about this guitar. The neck isn't painted. It features a satin neck that is smooth no matter how long you play. The other feature is the tapered neck. Unlike the traditional thicker neck width, this guitar has a 60's fast tapered neck that in tandem with the satin finish is a real pleasure to play. If you have smaller hands and could never warm up to the dimensions of the normal Gibson/Epiphone neck, you'll love this feature.

The guitar does feature Grover tuning machines, however I'd like an option to have locking tuners installed. This is very picky but I really like the idea of fast string changes. I'd also like the option of brushed chrome hardware. I think the visual appeal would be just as stunning and would be great for people who aren't into the gold look.

The guitar overall feels very solid and worthy of the price however, I did find some minor flaws in the binding on the headstock directly above the nut. I also found some sloppy binding work at the top of the headstock. This was very minor and I only noticed it because I was looking for it. The guitar is made in China and not the USA. Even so, these are the only quality control problems I found.

This is a great guitar for the price. If you like the SG look, feel and sound you'll certainly want to give this a look. You'll also receive benefits of a wider tonal palette thanks to the coil tapping feature.

John Gorbe rated this unit 4 on 2011-01-07.

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