Epiphone Slasher Reviews 4

Found this guitar quite by accident. I was driving one morning and saw it at a yard sale. Stopped and talked to the kid selling it. Bought it for $40! It really is like new with the stickers and protective plastic still on it.

It plays extreamly well for a low priced guitar. IT has a flat, wide neck and very good tone. Two humbuckers, volume and tone control, switch. It's shapped like the classic Gibson reverse firebird. That's what really caught my eye.

Only real complaint it the ergonomics. It is front heavy and would be tiring after awhile if standing. Not a problem for me as I always sit when playing.

For a guitar in this price range ($150 - $300) it is excellant! Finish is faultless. It's a kind of marina blue. It has a maple neck and the tuners seem to be of good quality.

You probably won't find one as cheap as I did but I think many of the discount music stores still have them for under $150. I understand that it is now a discontinued model. It is an incredable value at this price. I'm mainly an accoustic player but have a mid 70'2 Epiphone ES 335 copy. It compares favorably to that guitar. I think it would be a better guitar than the cheap Fender Squire Telecaster models.

Bill rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-11.

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