Epiphone EP-SC28 2x25w Stereo Amplifier Reviews 5

I bought this great amp new for only $400 (RRP$599) from Musician's Pro Shop in the Valley in Brisbane, Australan. The staff were very kind and I really got a great deal. I also bought a FS-100 footswitch for $20 (RRP$30) for switching channels or chorus on/off.

I really like this Amplifier!! Some of the things that appealled to me were the sound of the amp, the many features & controls on the amp, the decent size of the amp, the great price & value & the chrous and reverb. Also the effects loop and footswitchable channels make this amplifier a very attractive package. This amp looks great and has two 8inch Electra Labs speakers. It is 25watts per side (50watts in all). The clean channel sounds great and the dirty (gain) channel is good too.

Not much at all, especially at this price. But I would prefer the back cabinet to be closed instead of open. More control over the dirty channel would be better also.

The construction is very neat and very good. The amp & footswitch are made in Korea and are very well constructed. The switchs & knobs seem quite good.

I really like this amp and think it is a great first or second amp for anyone!!

Kieran Hegarty rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-25.

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