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In Sept. of 2003 I decided to get a new bass. At the time I was sporting a 1969 Fender Jazz bass. My Fender was awesome, but I was just putting it through too much abuse. I went to the Guitar Center in Boise intending on spending around $600 on a new bass. I figured I would probably end up getting a new Fender, but I wanted to try out whatever they had. I started looking at the Ernie Ball basses (I had always wanted a Stingray, but could never afford one). All they had was a black Stingray 5-String and a gorgeous sparkle blue sunbust Sterling 4 string. I plugged the Sterling into an Ampeg that they had set up and, needless to say, I had to have it. I was really hesitant to get it(it costed $1300, more than twice what I was planning on spending), but I have never regretted buying it.

First and formost, this bass is an absolute MONSTER when it comes to sound quality. It also has an incredible range of sounds. from thick and heavy, to bright and poppy, the Sterling sounds incredible across the board. The Sterling is also a relativly small bass. It has a smaller neck and a little bit smaller body than a Stingray, so it weighs quite a bit less than similar basses. It also has good weight ratios between the body and neck, so it feels really comfortable to play both sitting and standing. The smaller scale neck and low string height also make the bass very easy to play. Oh yeah, and it looks awesome :)

It seems to wear out strings fast, though I'm not entirely certain it is the Sterling's fault. Due to the active electronics, the bass requires a 9 volt battery to operate. If the battery dies, the bass won't work. Keep a spare in your case :) Also, it's expensive (I paid $1300)

Perfect. Flawless. Beutiful.

Awesome. This is hands down the best instrument I have ever played. I am definately sticking with Ernie Ball from now on.

Nate Parish rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-24.

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