Ernie Ball Musicman 5 Reviews 5

I bought this Bass Guitar from The Bass Centre in Birmingham.

Wow!! Where do I start! These really and truly are the existential bass players bass. Fabulous power from the Humbucker. Fabulous easy to maintain hardware. Wicked looks & design. Tone Quality and versatility second to none. Easy drop-in battery holder.

Umm.....let me see......Absoultely bloody nothing. If I am being REALLY picky, I could moan about how heavy they are after a long session or a two hour gig. But I am really being very picky.

While being mass produced, they maintain a very high standard of build quality(being owned by Fender at some point must have rubbed off!) I own a Warwick and a '68 Pre-CBS Jazz. This while different is on par with either bass. The tri-band EQ is a dream to use live and the neck is really comfortable to play on. You can get your action as low as you like with v. easy access to the truss rod.

Pound for Pound the best bass guitar on the market. Without doubt. A stunning musical instrument with an excellent track record.

Mooky Starr rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-10.

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