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I am professional bass player for 20 years. Have been playing bass for 28 years. I have worked regularly as a studio musician in the UK an Europe, and have played with many big names. Have worked in television theatre and film. I play and am into all styles of music. Particularly like Jazz, Salsa, Samba.

I bought my bass recently on EBay, slightly used, for 800. It's a sunburst , rosewood neck, standered Stingray 5

I like everything about this bass. Quality of build, the finishing, and most importantly, the sound and playability!

One thing I might have preferred would be the jack socket being on the front of the bass, instead of on the bottom edge. As a studio muso, your sitting around more than up on your feet posing, and I find the jack gets in the way sometimes, when you've finished playing and you sit back to relax. Sounds stupid, but there you are. I'd have preferred a slot in string instead of having to thread them through a hole for quick string changes.

the best quality, most robust pro bass!

I've played them all in my time. From a basic Fender jazz to a series II Alembic. While I don't believe this bass to be the most versatile of instruments sound wise, it has the most unbelievable punchy mother of a sound that can't be anything else other than a Musicman. Don't care about the other basses anymore. It plays like the Fenders always should have, and sounds like the bass all the others try to emulate. The best bass I've ever played...really.

Steve Shone / aka Shonkers rated this unit 5 on 2007-08-13.

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