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Guitar Center, $850 demo unit. I bought this bass because it felt great, the unfinished neck, the length.

The neck is very nice, unfinished Maple, I added tongue oil and it is fast and extremely easy to play. The Sterling is slightly shorter than the StingRay but still uses standard strings. The sound is second-to-none. I have 8 other instruments, some that cost two or three times more and this is by far my favorite.

Nothing. The finish is perfect, the color is great, the hardware is heavy, the electronics are great and it feels good.

Fantastic, this was made in US. The frets are level, zero buzz.

I love my Sterling Bass. I have tried the StingRay and Bongo - can't compare to the Sterling.

Peter rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-14.

I dont own this its a mates. He paid $3000 AUD from bass centre melbourne, RRP $3700. He is a bass teacher and needed 2 upgrade from his washburn.

I got to play this awesome so rig so i'll review it anyway. Its by far the best bass ive ever played. Its sleek design, awesome tone, awesome humbucker, sexy head and vibrant woods that make this bass so awesome. The sound is awesome for anything especially slap. The bass is so seductive. The classy modern design with pick guard makes this bass awesome. The colour of Scot's is a gloss natural finish with a black pickguard and a maple fretboard. What a combination.

Scot hasnt had anything wrong with this bass. I would be more pleased if they wacked another humbucker for a neck pickup in there. Other than that this bass is perfect.

The construction is amazing american craftsmanship. Just one touch of the fretboard will tell you how much effort is put into these basses. The wood is very soft and smooth. The 3 band eq active preamp and active pickups make this bass sound so good. They made the humbucker into two bridges basically. A pickup selector allows you to have 1 whole hummer, the bridge half and the neck half of the humbucker. The quality is sick. The amazing woods are so soft and silky. Top shelf bass.

This is by far the best bass ive ever played. By far. Beautiful fretboard, 21 frets, 3 band eq, humbucking pickup, pickup splitter, awesome tone, great for anything. AWESOME!!

Tommy the Cat rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-08.

I got it on ebay for $900

It has a great feel and sound. The size is good but the weight is a tad heavy when playing for extended periods. Mine is natural finish with a black pickguard, maple fingerboard and I think it looks great. People have walked up and said so. The three tuners on top and one on the bottom is cool. I can get low on the neck easily for the higher frets. The three way lever pickup selector is really cool and I can do some interesting things with it. With that and the three band active preamp I can make it sound funky to jazzy to old time rock and roll. I can always grab the Ernie Ball Sterling and get some work no matter what the gig turns out to be. I plan on keeping this bass for a long long time. The craftmanship and overall quality are very good, even the hard case is nice.

I like almost everything about this bass. The things I don't like are not problems with the bass but with my habits and feelings. I have not had the bass too long so need to really bond yet.

The construction is of high quality and feels solid. It looks like it will hold up over time and looks to be very repairable.

Go for it, you can spend more but the sterling has a great sound and a great feel for a good price. This is a good bass.

jp rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-16.

bought at guitar center for a about a grand. loved the feel of the bass.

this bass is fluid and tough. i had owned a stingray, but hated the neck and weight. i picked up a sterling one day as an after thought and fell completely in love. thin neck neck- huge sound. this bass replaced my ric 4001, stingray, and thunderbird

there is really nothing bad

perfect. i left this bass in my garage for 3 months while the band was on hiatus in the dead of winter, when i picked it up, it was still in tune. i've never had to reach for a back-up bass during a show- no matter how drunk i got, or how much i fell down with the bass.

just play one, you will see.

gonixgo rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-22.

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